Contract Warehousing
Contract Warehousing

The Junction’s sister company, Nebraska Warehouse, operates successful contract warehousing operations for companies seeking long-term supply chain solutions at dedicated facilities. Advantages of contract warehousing include:

  • A specialized labor force and facility
  • Standard operating procedures designed specifically to the Customer’s operation
This ensures an abundance of resources as the Customer does not have to share labor, equipment, dock doors, or floor space with other Customers.
Contract Warehousing differs from Public Warehousing in that it is typically a multi-year arrangement and it usually entails more aggressive facility start-up activities including facility selection, acquisition of equipment, and deployment of labor.
Nebraska Warehouse has an implementation processes in place to support facility openings efficiently and quickly.


Contract warehousing results in the company obtaining specialized services that are tailor-made to suit the needs of manufacturers as well as distributors. Contract warehouses provide facilities cross-docking, packaging, inventory control, just-in-time inventory management, local transportation and quality control.

We also handle import and export. Cross docking refers to unloading incoming wares and immediately loading these onto outbound trailers. In addition to the above- mentioned facilities, contract warehouses provide a number of other services to suit the needs of the clients.

We can provide our clients with either public warehousing or contract warehousing solutions.
We have the ability to operate the facility using your technology, our technology or a combination of both. We also offer build-to-suit facilities for our contract warehousing customers. The choice is yours.


  • Exclusive facility dedicated to your requirements
  • Professionally designed and equipped for peak performance, reliability, sustainability, competitive advantage, and cost-effectiveness
  • Flexible models to suit your needs
    • Your owned warehouse facility, The Junction LLC’s facility, or leased facility
    • Your equipment and labor, The Junction LLC equipment and labor, or leased resources
    • Insurance, safety, security, and environmental compliance packages designed to suit your needs
  • Professional management and technology dedicated to your operations
  • The Junction LLC Continuous Improvement program to keep your management, systems and processes on the cutting edge of performance and efficiency
  • Speed to market
    • Rapid turnaround on design and implementation to get your solution in place faster

To learn more about how Nebraska Warehouse can help with your warehousing needs, fill out the contact form on this page Contract Warehousing quote.