The Junction LLC is a full service transportation management provider headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska offering Trucking Shipping Omaha Freight Brokerage Service. We are the most recent addition to a family of logistics businesses started in the 1950’s. We can meet any supply chain need from the production line to the store shelf.
The Junction LLC is your complete trucking shipping Omaha freight brokerage service, with many years of experience in the trucking, shipping and freight industry. Whether your shipping and freight needs are Full Truckload (FTL), Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), heavy haul, or something else, we offer affordable solutions to move the freight quickly.
We specialize in but are not limited to the movement of Flatbed Freight, RGN (removable goose neck lowboy), Heavy Haul Freight, (standard, over-dimensional, and overweight), Dry Freight, Refrigerated Freight (temperature & climate controlled), and Power-Only Trucking.
Our competitive rates and experienced team will guarantee the efficient shipping of your goods, meeting deadlines to any location in the Continental USA.

LTL Shipping ltl freight rates Omaha

Less-than-truckload Shipping Omaha shipments are larger than parcels but not large enough to require an entire truckload. That makes LTL the most economical way to ship palatalized freight weighing between 150 pounds and 20,000 pounds….Click here for more.


The market is constantly changing and can be a challenge for customers needing full truckload services (FTL) and solutions. We work with our network of carriers to find capacity to handle your full truckload services shipping needs at competitive rates…Click here for more.

Trucking Freight Brokerage

You save cost by taking advantage of our purchasing power There’s one reason The Junction LLC Transportation Management service has become one of the industry’s top brokers — we know how to help our customers move more freight, more cost effectively. We bring a lot more than the stability of 80 years in transportation and an unbeatable carrier base. We deliver the tools you need to get your business moving in the right direction…Click here for more.


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