Cannonball provides a wide array of Intermodal | Brokerage | Trucking | Transportation Services for the Omaha, Nebraska Region delivery services from all railroads serving the Omaha market, including BNSF, UP, and the Iowa Interstate.


If you’re shipping OTR, constrained capacity and worsening driver shortages can derail your supply chain. Shipping Intermodal | Brokerage | Trucking | Transportation Services can provide additional capacity and efficiencies for your transportation needs.

Whether you need us to coordinate your intermodal shipment or utilize one of our innovative refrigerated intermodal containers, you can trust your shipment will be delivered on time and safely.

Our unique partnerships with the North American rail lines allow for unparalleled service. By leveraging the rail lines’ double stacking capabilities, you can transport your goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

Integrated with our dedicated transportation, brokerage, international logistics, drayage, and warehousing capabilities, you will experience a seamless supply chain solution that delivers.


As one of the few intermodal providers with advanced telematics, we outfit each refrigerated intermodal container with technology that allows you to track your shipment throughout its entire journey.

You will be able to monitor and have confidence that your goods are being shipped at their required temperatures – all the way down to a frigid -20°F. Especially during seasons like summer and winter, our refrigerated intermodal containers can help protect your shipments from the extreme heat or cold.

Intermodal | Brokerage | Trucking | Transportation Services

We provide:

Intermodal | Brokerage | Trucking | Transportation Services
Intermodal | Brokerage | Trucking | Transportation Services
  • 24 Hour Operation Pick up and delivery of boxes to all container pools in the Omaha area.
  • 20 ft, 40 ft and anysizer chassis available for COFC moves.
  • Handle domestic/international containers and boxes.
  • Service to Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Missouri and Nebraska.
  • Member of the UITA (Uniform Intermodal Transportation Association).
  • Secure Trailer storage available.
  • Crossdock Services.
  • Overweight Containers