How to Choose the Best LTL Trucking Company?

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Finding the right LTL Trucking Company is one of the most important decision a shipper will make. As a shipper, you value a carrier who picks up and delivers your LTL shipment when promised. Without damaging your freight, and quotes competitive and economical rates. The good news is that there are an array of LTL carriers that will consistently go above and beyond these criteria.

Choosing the best LTL trucking company

When choosing an LTL carrier, there are a number of factors to consider.

  • Pricing
  • geographic coverage
  • quality service

These should all be taken into consideration as small business owners seek the right carrier for their needs. It’s also important to keep in mind that the LTL industry is chock-full of different national and regional carriers, and they all want your business.

National vs Regional LTL Carriers

National carriers are the largest companies in the country as far as transportation goes. These carriers can operate anywhere within the continuous 48 states and often engage in shipping routes up to a week in length.

Regional carriers, as the name implies, offer their services in smaller geographical areas than national carriers. Regional carriers are often defined as those providing service for shipments traveling fewer than 500 miles, though there are some that offer a second-day service of up to 1,200 miles.

When Do You Choose One Over The Other?

The choice of selecting national vs regional carriers is often one of shipment distance. Shipping routes that span large areas of the country are typically more efficiently handled by national carriers, with their larger infrastructure and access to additional resources and technologies. An exception to this may be for companies that possess multiple shipping points for their products and can then use regional carriers to cover distinct locations in the country.

The Junction LLC

The Junction services simplify the Truckload Carriers Shipping (LTL) process by giving you one point of contact for not only spot moves but all of your LTL requirements. We’ll leverage our nationwide network of carriers to get your shipment covered at the right price. Located in Omaha.


  • Personalized Service:  Every customer is has different requirements.  We specialize on understanding your business and crafting our services to meet your business requirements.  This includes  emergency and expedited shipments.
  • 24/7 Nationwide Coverage:  The Junction we can handle any type of load, from one pallet to a full trailer all over the country.
  • Large, Reliable Network:  We have an LTL carrier to meet your needs

Our network of local less than truckload service centers means there is always a nearby customer service representative to discuss your LTL shipping needs personally. Plus our centralized team of shipping specialists keep an end-to-end watch over your shipment.