Three Reasons Your Business Should Consider—Intermodal Rail

Intermodal Rail

A lot has changed since the 1980s—music, technology, Intermodal Rail…yes, that’s right: intermodal rail. Today’s intermodal has grown up to become a cost effective, environmentally friendly and efficient mode of freight transportation that is truck-competitive and reliable for shippers.

Intermodal rail continues to gain momentum as a go-to transportation mode for a variety of products across highly complex supply chains, including consumer goods, appliances, manufacturing and packaging products, electronics, food and beverage items, furniture and more. Advances in technology and aggressive investments in intermodal infrastructure – coupled with challenging macroeconomic and trucking industry factors, such as decreasing over-the-road (OTR) capacity, rising fuel costs, increasing trucking regulation and cost constraints – have led to increased interest in intermodal rail from shippers of all sizes.

Below are 3 reasons why your business should consider integrating intermodal rail into your supply chain.

  • Scalable Capacity—Intermodal solutions provide access to a large and growing fleet of both rail-owned and carrier-owned containers, easing shippers’ capacity concerns year-round, including peak seasons. Intermodal scales to meet shipping needs efficiently, with the ability to move the load of 280 trucks on one train.
  • Sustainable Savings—Intermodal Rail allows you to add more green to your bottom line and to the environment. Intermodal benefits, such as lower fuel consumption and freight density through double stacking of containers, produce cost savings for shippers and their customers. And the environmental favorability of intermodal rail provides a responsible growth engine for sustainable freight transport.
  • Flexibility—Intermodal provides your organization the flexibility to meet ever-changing environmental conditions, by introducing multiple modes to get your freight to market and optimize at the lane level.

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