Truckload Freight Omaha: What makes a load good or bad?

truckload freight

Truckload Freight

When discussing truckload freight, what determines whether a load is a good load or bad load?  You'll often get a different answer depending on who is being asked. There are different factors considered by the various parties involved in truckload freight, and often they can be at odds with one another. 

Shippers often view their truckload freight as "driver friendly" and desirable when in fact there can be aspects of their loads that have significant drawbacks.    Drivers may identify a load as an excellent load while the carrier management may know of elements of the load that keep it from being desirable.  

Whether it’s the driver or the trucking company, shipper or receiver, there are many different aspects to consider when evaluating good loads from bad.  Consider some of the following attributes as viewed by different parties:  

For the truck driver:

  • Is the load going in the direction I want to go? 
  • Does the load get me by my home?
  • Is the load preloaded and available to pick up and run with?
  • Is the pick up and delivery on an appointment or can I arrive as well as deliver with flexibility?
  • If I have to help with a live load, what am I required to do?
  • Does the load have a reasonable transit or is it tight?  Or, will I have too much time on the load and can I drop it for a relay?

For the trucking company:

  • Does the load pay well enough?
  • Does the customer pay their bills in a reasonable timeframe?
  • Is the fuel surcharge fair?
  • If there are accessorial issues, will they pay?
  • Is the load getting the truck in a direction that fits our network and back to another market where we have loads waiting to turn the truck with?
  • Is the load (and customer) easy to do business with, or are there extensive administrative or driver related tasks associated with the transaction and follow-up?
  • Is the freight (and load) seasonal or year-round?
  • Will the customer take the business from us if someone undercuts us?


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