Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

When it comes to grocery shopping, we fall into two camps: One group loves to go grocery shopping and the other wants to get in and out as fast as possible.

Grocery shopping can be time-consuming:

  • making a list
  • traveling to and from the store
  • browsing through seemingly endless aisles to find what you’re looking for

Online grocery shopping is a dream come true for today’s generation. Specially, for all those women/men who always wanted to do grocery shopping on a budget. The landscape of grocery fulfillment has changed greatly, and there are certain advantages and disadvantages to online grocery shopping.

Advantages of Online Grocery Shopping

Before looking into the various companies trying to sell us their services we should look at the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online and the things we should look out for when choosing what website to purchase groceries from.

It saves time

Shopping online alleviates the need to walk up and down store aisles. And you can log in any time—even at 2 am—and still have the advantage of a fully stocked store. Plus, going the delivery route saves you a trip to the store, which not only saves time, but gas money as well. In fact, studies show grocery delivery services slash carbon dioxide emissions in half compared to individual household trips.

No Unwanted Luxury Purchases

It’s far too easy to do; you’re walking around the shop grabbing all the items you need and suddenly a chocolate cake, packet of biscuits, and some sausage rolls have somehow found their way into your trolley. You didn’t want them before but now you’ve seen them you need them! Shopping online can help you tame the impulse buying within you.


Many online stores have an invaluable feature that will make the lives of countless housewives a hundred times simpler – the feature of price comparison. Online shopping does not compel you to remember how much more expensive eggs are in store A versus store B.

Find Everything You Need

Search engines on websites make it much easier to find items quickly; typing in the name or brand of a product will show you all relevant products making it much easier to find exactly what you need.

Disadvantages Of Online Grocery Shopping

When it comes to grocery shopping in particular, there’s a nagging worry for some people about the quality and freshness of the food that will be delivered.

You Can’t Personally Look at Items

Are you picky about the softness of your loaf? Shopping online won’t allow you to check the quality of your products however companies will always try to deliver products to a high standard.

Delivery can be a challenge

You have to be home when the groceries arrive, or you run the risk of perishables spoiling on the porch. Some online services have pick-up locations inside the store. Others allow you to pick up your groceries at a set location. Either way, your market basket is protected.


You pay a premium when you let someone else do the legwork for you. Between higher-priced items, delivery fees, fuel surcharges and the inability to bargain shop, online services can take a substantial bite out of your grocery budget.

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