Evaluating Fleet Efficiency

Evaluating Fleet Efficiency

Distribution centers and 3PL providers are consistently looking for ways to become more fleet efficient. Both inside the walls of their warehouses and outside as well, choosing where a warehouse will even exist to make the delivery route more efficient. long with that, it’s important to keep a close watch on the fleet of vehicles you use, because there are a lot of things you can do to ensure your fleet is efficient, both in terms of fuel and in terms of time.

Evaluating Your Fleet Efficiency


Trucks as a rule are built to be as efficient as extremely large vehicles can be, and that includes their aerodynamics. However, there are accessories that can be added to specific vehicles, whether tractors or vans, that can make them more aerodynamic. These flaps may extend off the back of the trailer, allowing wind to flow smoothly off the back instead of circling off, or they may extend from the bottom of the trailer, preventing air from pooling and affecting the tires. The improved aerodynamics can save you significantly on fuel costs.

Route Planning

We rely on GPS to do a lot of things for us in daily life—think of the last time you took a long trip and didn’t at least look up the directions ahead of time on Google. Route planning tools can help create routes that even calculate for stoplights and signs, allowing fleet drivers to stay moving as much as possible. Every minute can count when you’re trying to keep a schedule.

Centralized Distribution

OK, so this one doesn’t directly affect your fleet, but the location of your distribution center in relation to the places you’ll be delivering is extremely important in regard to your truck’s efficiency. A central distribution center allows drivers to plan an effective route while making necessary stops along the way, without any unnecessary driving. For example, making stops along a circle surrounding the distribution center is more fuel-efficient than making stops along a straight line and driving back without the need to drop anything else off. Choose your location wisely.

Because of new driver regulations, your drivers aren’t going to be able to spend quite as much time on the road as they could previously. This means they’ll need to be efficient and effective when they are able to be on the road, and must hit all of their necessary stops. Keep your fleet healthy and it will pay dividends over the years. 

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