The Biggest Mistakes Shippers Make With Density-Based Freight

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When it comes to shipping, many companies will opt for less than truck load shipping; particularly when they believe that their freight load won’t be enough to fill a full trailer to capacity. However, many organizations will find that shipping with less than truck load shipping find that this option can be highly stressful and confusing. Therefore, they often make mistakes.

The Biggest Mistakes Shippers Make With Density-Based Freight

With a little knowledge, you can avoid the pitfalls that many shippers make when it comes to density-based freight.

Incorrect Dimensions and Class

A lot of companies – particularly smaller operations – don’t have access to the right scales. As such, the dimensions and weight of their freight is often estimated, and those estimations are usually way off.

The dimensions and weight of the goods that are being shipped also play a part in determining the freight class. If the freight class is incorrect, invoicing issues could arise. Using the right scales can help to prevent this problem.

Documentation Issues

Any issues with paperwork – such as the improper entry of information or tons of mistakes – are considered issues with documentation. Some examples of errors in documentation include payment for packing, contact information, information related to product descriptions, and classifications.

If the wrong information is provided on paperwork, it’s likely that there will be issues with delivering the freight; it may not be delivered on time or it may not make it to the right destination, for example.

Bad Packaging

When goods are shipped via less than truckload shipping, they are usually handled several times. When those goods aren’t packaged properly, there is a good chance that they become damaged.

If products are improperly packaged and damaged, damage claims could arise. Those claims could end up costing a company a small fortune to resolve.

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