Who said shipping containers are only good for shipping?

The basic shipping container has gone mainstream in recent years, and not because of its impeccable shipping capabilities. In fact, people are turning them into their dream homes! Shipping containers were first used as makeshift emergency shelters by the US army during the Gulf War.

Not only were they easily convertible, but mounting sandbags against the walls provided sturdy protection against rocket propelled grenades. During the 1900s, Simon’s Town High School in Cape Town, South Africa gained widespread attention when they utilized 40 shipping containers to build a hostel that could house up to 120 people. Simon’s Town High School Hostel opened in 1998 and cost a whopping $227,000 to complete. The wild success of the hostel gave birth to a container architecture craze that is steadily picking up speed around the world. Because of shipping containers numerous benefits, architects are designing anything and everything their imaginations can conjure up, from houses to restaurants, swimming pools to schools and more.


They are cheap

Due to an excess of shipping containers around the world, it is easy to purchase one for as little as $1500. It also costs less to build than a brick and mortar home because the demand for intensive labor and building materials is low.

They are durable

Durable, weatherproof and a cinch to transport since they conform to standard shipping sizes, obviously!

They are eco friendly

Shipping containers weigh over 3,500 kg- that’s a lot of steel! Upcycling saves thousands of kilograms and reduces the need for traditional building materials.

Take a look at the creative side of the incredible shipping container!

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