Freight Hauling Terminology

Logistics is one of the worlds largest industries and there are many freight hauling terminology that come with such a presence.  For anyone in transportation, knowing these terms can be useful in conversations and every day business. 

Why You Need to Consider Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping is the process of transferring freight faster than normal. Whether your freight is perishable or you’re on a time schedule to meet customer expectations, expedited shipping service has the ability to guarantee delivery requirements. For time-sensitive or rushed … Read More

Shipping Beer Over The Holidays

At The Junction LLC, one of the most common questions we get is, How do I go about shipping beer? With the rise of the popularity of home brew beer kits, the movement of beer through the freight industry have never been higher. … Read More

Is Your Supply Chain Ready For Black Friday?

Choosing a partner to manage your order fulfillment isn’t simply about costs. Ultimately, the decision is about servicing your customers and having a strategic fulfillment partner that will help your business flourish during Black Friday and other busy times of … Read More

Truckers: Balancing Life

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck driver jobs and the trucking economy as a whole is likely to expand at a considerably higher rate in the next several years. Truckers are indeed one of the most significant aspects … Read More

Selecting 3PL Company

THE BIGGEST MISTAKE COMPANIES MAKE WHEN SELECTING A 3PL COMPANY If you’re in the process of selecting a third party logistics, or 3PL company you probably already know how complex and challenging the process can be. After all, outsourcing all of … Read More

Choosing A Trucking Company For Your Freight

So many different freight shipping companies. How to choose the best trucking company for your freight? Companies that ship their merchandise across the country or across the globe need to find the trucking carrier that is equipped to make the … Read More


Who said shipping containers are only good for shipping? The basic shipping container has gone mainstream in recent years, and not because of its impeccable shipping capabilities. In fact, people are turning them into their dream homes! Shipping containers were … Read More

Tip For Managing Online Reputation

For most brokers, your most valuable asset is managing online reputation. A good reputation is something that takes years to build and maintain. Unfortunately, undoing that reputation can happen quite quickly, especially in the age of the internet and social … Read More

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