Difference Between Freight vs Transportation

Freight refers to the transport of commodities and material goods, as opposed to people. That means it usually involves the shipment of items in bulk amounts. Freight can be shipped over land, water, or air. Land shipment is the most … Read More

Transportation Modes Most Affected by Capacity Crunch

Capacity crunch is something that can affect industries throughout the world. While all types of transportation can feel the effect of a capacity crunch, it is typically ground transit that will suffer the biggest effects. This includes full truckload, less … Read More

Supply Chain Visibility

Today’s shippers are ushering in a new age of real-time supply chain visibility. Long gone are the days of delayed EDI, manual check calls and multi-day delivery windows. These are things you already know. Are you looking to empower your … Read More

How Severe Weather Impacts Trucking Industry?

Temperatures are slowly dropping around the country. What does this mean for the trucking industry? We saw this last year with one of the worst winters on record and how it caught many in the trucking industry and supply chain off … Read More

Agile vs Lean Supply Chain Management

For a company looking to fuel growth and maximise profits, it is vital to structure the supply chain management not only around the fluctuating relationship between supply and demand, but also against market dynamics and forces on a larger scale. … Read More


The Internet of Things is everywhere. Retailers market to consumers according to their personal profiles while they shop. Doctors monitor pacemakers in heart patients across town and in real-time. Luxury cars avoid accidents on the road without driver intervention. In the … Read More