Tips To Save On LTL Shipping

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Basically, the whole idea of LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping is to save money and only pay for the space you use instead of paying for the whole truck. The transit will be longer, but it will be much cheaper than moving a smaller load as a truckload. LTL shipments seem easy to arrange and handle perfectly on your first try.

LTL carriers typically apply a discount on shipments starting at 150 pounds on a single pallet and up to 6,000 pounds on six pallets. Shipments larger than six pallets still may be shipped with an LTL carrier but are considered volume moves and are spot quoted, increasing the shipping cost.

Tips To Save On LTL Shipping

Rates for LTL shipping are influenced by many factors such as weight, distance between locations, and the classification of the freight. It’s easy for LTL shipping rates to add up, but there are steps you can take to help reduce your rates.

Know your shipment:

  • Freight Class
    • Re-classification is one of the most common reasons for up charges and additional fees. Don’t lose sleep and money over something that can be avoided. Determining freight class may be confusing, so it’s a good idea to educate yourself on what freight class is and how it works.
  • Weight
    • LTL is all about accuracy and precision. If you are shipping LTL, avoid rounding up and down. 9 times out of 10 your freight will be reweighed and you will not only be charged for the extra weight, but will most likely pay the reweigh fees as well.
    • Always use the exact weight of the shipment when quoting and scheduling a load. A nice and round number on the BOL is often a red flag and the weight on such loads is almost always verified.
  • Dimensions
    • Same goes for dimensions: anything outside of a standard pallet may result in additional costs. Make sure to use precise dimensions when quoting and scheduling, and always indicate them on the BOL. The price for shipping a non-standard pallet may be drastically different – don’t let it surprise you after delivery.

Consolidate your shipments

If it is possible, try to combine small LTL shipments into one larger shipment. A lot of times, multiple small shipments will be going to the same location daily.  If these shipments are consolidated into one, rates will decrease and you will save money.  It is vital to understand exactly when orders must be delivered because it makes it much easier and cost effective to combine orders that will be headed to the same location. An experienced 3PL partner can help you with a complete LTL freight analysis to determine if you have any consolidation or savings opportunities.

Maximize the space

It’s not a secret that LTL shipping is heavily relying on density and used space. Try to be as efficient with your pallet space as possible. This is a direct cost-saver.

Use proper packaging

Most carriers have limited liability policies, so it is important to correctly package your shipments to avoid damages. Attaching freight to the pallet by using shrink-wrap or other protective wraps can help you avoid damages to your shipments.  Also, be sure to make note of fragile shipments by adding labels or signs that are easily visible on the packaging.  The condition of the package upon arrival is important to all customers.  If your shipment is extremely valuable, you might also consider purchasing cargo insurance for added protection.

Provide accurate information

Shipping rates for LTL freight are highly dependent on size and weight. For this reason, you may be tempted to underestimate the dimensions or weight of their shipment in hopes that it will result in a lower shipping cost. As tempting as it may be, this is something you want to avoid at all costs. Instead of saving money, you’re putting yourself at risk of being fined and charged more for your shipment. By ensuring that all the information you provide is accurate, you won’t have to worry about being charged extra fees for your shipment.

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