What Type of Technology Do Truck Drivers Use?

Technology has impacted nearly every aspect of modern-day life, including the industrial world. Virtually all industries and people are making use of advances in technology, and that includes truck drivers in the trucking industry. Whether you’re an independent trucker who wants to improve your own vehicle, or you own and operate a trucking business and you’d like to boost your fleet of vehicles, there are several types of technologies available that are particularly beneficial for truck drivers. From cameras to collision mitigation, here’s a look at some of the different types of technologies that modern-day truck drivers can benefit from.

What Type of Technology Do Truck Drivers Use?

In-Cab Camera Systems

Dash cams aren’t new; in fact, they’ve been around for quite a while, and they’re extremely beneficial for truck drivers. The technologies in-cab camera systems are equipped with are constantly evolving and improving. The latest in-cab dash camera models have new and improved image processing capabilities, high-definition (HD) image capture, and increase usability in low-light settings. Dash cams are beneficial for truckers, as the footage they capture can not only be used to defend drivers in the event of collisions, but they can also provide protection against false insurance claims.

Dynamic Routing

Truck drivers can use dynamic routing for route optimization. This technology can be used to incorporate adjustability, and also let drivers know the best routes to take. Dynamic routing is particularly beneficial for managing the numerous obstacles that truckers can encounter on the road, such as traffic, roadwork, and inclement weather. This piece of technology is best for locating faster routes and mapping around traffic backups.

Collision Mitigation Systems

According to numerous research studies, there’s a marked overrepresentation of big rigs in traffic collisions, as well as road fatalities. These findings are due, in part, to the fact that heavy trucks are so much larger in terms of mass and scale. As such, trucks can do extensive damage to passenger vehicles. While data analysis shows that passenger cars are more often at fault in big-rig and passenger car collisions, nonetheless, accidents can translate to exorbitant insurance claims and lawsuits for truck drivers. Collision mitigation truck technology can help truckers reduce the risk of collisions, thereby improving their safety – and the safety of other motorists – and can reduce costly insurance claims and legal issues.

Temperature Tracking

As part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), individuals transporting food for people and animals must adhere to the best practices that have been established for sanitary transportation. These practices include things like making sure that food is held at proper temperatures, thoroughly cleaning out vehicles between loads to prevent contamination, and protecting edible products while they are being transported. Temperature tracking technological advancements help truckers meet the standards that have been set by the Food Safety Modernization Act. This helps to improve food safety for humans and animals. In fact, this type of technology is so effective and beneficial that now many trucking companies/carriers require the use of temperature tracking technology in their trucks.

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