How To Find The Best FTL – Full Truckload Broker?

As a business owner or supplier, getting your products to their destination is a big part of your day. You have to ensure everything is packed and picked up on time and that it gets to the destination safely. There are a lot of shipping companies out there and even a lot of different shipping methods. If you have a large scale business or even a small one, you may not have time to research them all. This is where a truckload broker comes in handy.

How To Find The Best FTL – Full Truckload Broker?

Working with a full truckload broker will save time, and take the stress of shipping off of your shoulders so you can spend time growing your business.

What Do Freight Brokers Do?

Freight Brokers offer a much-needed service that connects businesses with reliable shipping companies. Every broker will tailor their offers to meet the needs of their client, on both sides. The point of a broker is to help companies get their products to their destination via truckload, LTL, or even with intermodal shipping. Freight Brokers are basically the middle man that connects truckers with shippers. They help by reducing the number of steps it takes to get your products out the door and on the way to your location. You can expect them to provide quotes, travel estimates, tracking, and so much more.

What To Expect From A Good FTL Broker

Any quality full truckload brokerage will make a stressful process easy for their customers. Shipping in itself can come with a lot of hassles, a FTL broker should whittle those down and make the shipping experience stress free, if not pleasurable. Brokers should work to find the best rates on FTL’s for their shippers in addition to looking for other ways to add value to each shipment. A good broker will be able to occasionally freight class to density, fight reclasses, and get great deals on distance hauls.

Important FTL Broker Knowledge Base

Transporting your goods via a full truckload can be challenging, but with the help of a skilled broker, it doesn’t have to cause a headache. For those who are not up to date on shipping terms or those who simply don’t have the time, a knowledgable FTL broker is critical. They will help you to choose the right class for your shipments as well as navigate the price negotiation process. A high-quality FTL broker should also be a shipping class expert. Shipping rates are always changing and the rate of technology is also advancing at an exponential rate. An experienced FTL broker will be able to help boost your operational efficiency while also reducing your workload.

Hiring A Quality FTL Broker

An FTL broker or freight broker is a critical resource for companies and shippers alike. Knowing how to hire a broker is just as important as having one on hand to help with all of your shipping needs. It is easy to get confused when dealing with both 3PL’s and FTL brokers, just keep in mind they are two different things. A broker will help arrange shipping while a 3PL will handle shipping, inventory, and warehouse management among other things. Some 3PL companies also offer FTL brokerage services, so if you already have a 3PL provider, it makes sense to add on with their brokering services. When hiring an FTL broker, make sure that they actually serve your specific industry. There are brokers that cater to long haul, manufacturing, eCommerce, and more. Not every broker works with every industry. Also, make sure that the broker has a diverse range of services so that you don’t end up hiring 10 different people for 10 different shipping related tasks. Lastly, always check references and certifications. The last thing you want to do is trust your shipping to a broker who is known for a less than stellar performance.

The Junction LLC | Truckload Shipping

As a leader in the transportation industry, we demand excellence from our entire team. Our team at The Junction LLC strives to deliver the best possible customer service and by a desire to solve our customer’s toughest transportation and supply chain needs.

Our team is dedicated to serving our customers and will take the necessary action to deliver our customers’ products safely, efficiently, and on-time. This is our promise to you!

Nationwide Services include:

Trucking & Freight Shipping Services:

  • Overweight,
  • Over-dimension
  • Time-sensitive shipments
  • LTL (Less-Than-Truckload)
  • FTL (Full Truckload)
  • Flatbed
  • Flatbed LTLRGN (removable gooseneck lowboy)
  • RGN (removable gooseneck lowboy)
  • Maxi’s / A-Train / B-Train
  • Heavy Haul
  • Over Dimensional
  • Dry Van
  • Dry Van LTL
  • Refrigerated
  • Refrigerated LTL
  • Power Only

Additional Services:

  • Our sister companies can also provide warehousing in our food-grade facilities, cross-docking, and contract warehousing.

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