Regulations & Trade: What’s Impacting Supply Chains?

Supply chain management is a business that millions of people and industries all over the world count on, and if one element within the supply chain becomes affected, then you know that the rest of the supply chain will be affected soon after – this is the whole reason it’s called a chain, and you’ve got to watch out for anything that might present a weak link and get in the way of managing your supply chain properly.

Regulations & Trade: What’s Impacting Supply Chains?

One of the things that can have a massive impact on your supply chain are the rules and regulations of trade. Here’s what you should watch out for when it comes to what might be impacting supply chains management in the long run.

Environmental Laws

Keep up to date on different environmental laws and what might have changed over the past couple of months; there are plenty of environmental regulations that might surprise you and get in the way of your supply chain if you aren’t careful – including regulations that affect trade directly. Environmental laws can, for example, prohibit a certain area of travel and cut an entire link out of your route – are you prepared for this? If not, you should be!

Trade Regulations

Trade regulations can easily destroy a business if you don’t have an alternative.  You should keep up to date on current trade regulations, and this can usually be found in relevant government publications – if it’s not online, send a simple e-mail and find out more. It only takes five minutes, and you this could be the difference between your business sinking or sailing.

Export Regulations

Keep an eye on export regulations too, as they can easily affect a link in your supply chain – and this could lead to disaster. Again, this is something that can be fixed with just a little preparation, and it doesn’t have to have an effect on your supply chain at all. Preparation is the key!

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