Solving Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Supply chain bottlenecks are simply any disruptions that can slow down a business. Even though they can be a complete pain, they can also act as great opportunities for growth and change. Some general examples of these constraints may include poor operating processes or storage methods, limited resource networks, or gaps between supply and demand. Basically, a bottleneck is a process or system that disrupts the flow of products, services, and information. In order to avoid bottlenecks, a business must keep an efficient business running. Let’s dive deeper into solving supply chain bottlenecks.

Solving Supply Chain Bottlenecks

1. Identify what they are first

The initial step in solving a bottleneck is identifying exactly what they are. When issues arise, make adjustments with product flow or operation type. All supply chains are unique so this will look different depending on your business. If a business fails to identify bottlenecks, solving them is not possible. Time, energy, and costs can be wasted if managers do not analyze their supply chain management strategies. If you don’t already have a third-party logistics provider, now may be the time to hire one. A 3PL provider has the experience of planning, preventing, and navigating these issues to bring the flow back and get things running smoothly again.

2. Analyze the data

To stop repeating the patterns of our past, we must analyze and learn from them. This is true for bottlenecks as well. Identifying your supply chain history and data and creating solutions is an excellent way to move forward. Again, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can assist with this analysis. From tracking cargo movements to residential deliveries, interpreting the data surrounding these processes can both save money and propel your business.

3. Third-party logistics providers

If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, experienced third-party logistic providers can do wonders for bottleneck issues. 3PLs have the expertise and resources to create effective supply chain operations from beginning to end. An experienced 3PL will manage omnichannel fulfillment, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, retail fulfillment, drop shipping, and business-to-business fulfillment. It’s necessary for these channels to all be managed if a seller is needing to diversify. They should also be able to provide cost savings. Some examples may include discounts for small shipments or eliminating retail chargeback. These are areas that should be consistently attended to.

4. Create a plan

Acting without a plan of any kind rarely ends well when it comes to supply chains. It may fix things in the short term but may not get you anywhere down the line when things really matter. Every action should be thought out and identified before implementation. Again, this is where an experienced 3PL comes in handy. They know to examine both the short and long-term benefits of a solution. This was rampant during the pandemic. Sellers were tested and those who were able to adapt quickly were able to capitalize. During the Covid-19 pandemic, certain products dramatically increased in demand while others decreased exponentially. Effective supply chain managers took advantage by cutting the costs of the products that were no longer in demand.

5. Transparency and flexibility

Creating transparency in your supply chain means having data readily available and cheaper in all stages. This means making production and manufacturing processes transparent in real-time. It also may include business decisions, documents, inventory, and fulfillment flow. Finding the root cause of a bottleneck will be much easier to deconstruct this way. It will lead to increased profits and improved customer satisfaction by efficiently dealing with unplanned demand and changes from buyers and manufacturers. Just in case it didn’t hit home quite yet, a 3PL provider will ensure this is the case. They will deploy systems, processes, reporting, analytics, and expertise to create this transparency and adaptability.

Avoiding bottlenecks

Avoiding and solving supply chain bottlenecks is more than possible with these tips. Like anything in life, identifying the problem first is imperative. Once it’s identified, analyzing the data thoroughly will get you on track. You can never go wrong with hiring an experienced 3PL provider if you need assistance. 3PL professionals will help you create a foolproof plan to implement and they will make sure it’s as transparent and adaptable as possible. Once these are put into place, your supply chain can thrive.

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