Types of Truckload Shipment

The transport of goods is an important task that helps to ensure on-time delivery to the customer. With many varieties of products coming from all over the world, it is important that the type of truck used will transport the goods according to conditions and requirements that they need. The three main types of truckload shipments are dry vans, flatbeds, and refrigerated.

Types of Truckload Shipment — Dry Van, Flatbed, and Refrigerated

Dry Van Truckload Shipments

A dry van is a semi-trailer truck type that is enclosed to protect the goods that are being transported from the outside elements. The design of dry van trailers makes them best for transporting loose freight or cargo that is on pallets or in boxes. They are not temperature-controlled like refrigerated trucks and are unable to carry oversized shipments that flatbed trucks can.

The benefits of using dry van trucks include versatility for the goods they transport, good protection, and affordability. Dry van shipping trailers are a great option for transporting packaged consumer goods such as clothing, electronics, and other non-perishable goods. They offer a good protection measure from outside elements like the weather because they are enclosed on all sides. Dry vans are also a cost-effective option for transporting cargo as they do not require any special operation or extra services.

Flatbed Truckload Shipments

Flatbed truckload shipments are a great option for cargo that does not need to be enclosed. This type of truckload shipment is also great for cargo that will not fit on regular-sized trucks. The type of cargo that is transported on flatbeds is often needed to be loaded by cranes or forklifts from any angle. Similar to dry vans, flatbed trucks do not have temperature control as they are not enclosed.

Since there are no physical walls around the truck, the truck beds can take larger and awkwardly shaped freight, creating more flexibility for transportation. Flatbed trucks can be loaded from the sides as well as the rear making it a lot easier to get cargo onto the trucks. However, they do normally require a full load for transport, and depending on the shipment it can cost more money and time.

As a result, it is important that you consult with experts in coordinating the truckloads and shipments in order to be more effective. They may also require extra services for the transportation of certain cargo.

Refrigerated Truckload Shipments

Refrigerated truckload shipping is the best option for goods that require transport in specific temperatures. Therefore, refrigerated trucks are great for transporting goods such as fruit and vegetables, meats, and other perishables. Due to the sophisticated level of temperature controls, refrigerated trucks are even able to transport medications. Today, these specialized trucks can regulate and maintain the temperature between 55 degrees Fahrenheit down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The advantage to this type of trucking is that it can transport perishable goods for long distances. This helps increase the scope of locations from which customers or wholesalers can purchase their goods. The truck is also enclosed, protecting the goods and allowing the transporters to lock it up for security reasons. While refrigerated trucking is a great way to transport goods, its sophistication requires the use of expert oversight which makes it a more costly form of transport.

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“Trucks represent the U.S. predominant freight carrier mode now and into the future. Trucks currently carry 64% of U.S. freight tonnage,” according to the Federal Highway Administration.

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