How Does Tracking A Package Work?

Tracking a package is very simple from the consumer standpoint. All you have to do is click a link or put in a tracking number to get an update about where your package is currently located. However, there is a bigger story that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to tracking your package from its point of origin to the end-user. Let’s dive in to learn how package tracking works and the magic behind blockchain tracking services.

How Does Tracking A Package Work?

What is The Goal of Package Tracking?

Tracking packages allows vendors and customers alike to verify the movement of the product. For vendors, you can track the source and follow it along its entire route. This helps to ensure that your goods reach their intended destination. For consumers, you can keep an eye on the expected date of delivery as well as track who actually has your parcel in their hands.

How Parcel Package Tracking Works in eCommerce

Tracking packages is not as complicated as it may seem. It requires localizing packages during each step of the sorting and delivery process. This starts from the origination point, be it a manufacturer or vendor. A bar code is created for the item which is then entered into a blockchain system at the time it is handed over to the next part in the delivery chain. This barcode or item number is unique to the package and will stay with it until it reaches its final destination.

Each time the package reached a new depot, processing center, or is handed over to another provider, the barcode will be scanned and added to the tracking system’s database. All of the information regarding the package will be store in the database. This includes information such as when the package was picked up, what provider or agency picked up the parcel, where it is destined to be delivered, and any other pertinent information regarding the delivery. Above all, this information will allow vendors to give up to date estimates on delivery as well as troubleshoot any problems in the delivery chain.

Tracking Package Delays and Final Destination Arrival

Delays will also be noted in the tracking system. For example, delays such as inclement weather, worker shortages, and other complications will be updated in the system. After that, vendors and consumers can track the progress and resolution of such delays. Once the package is ready to head out to the customer, it will be scanned and listed as out for delivery. The blockchain system will also log detailed information about when the package was sent to the truck for delivery to the end-user.

When the package is delivered to the hands or door of the buyer, the delivery agent will again scan the barcode for a final time. This places the item as delivered in the system. Depending on the specifications of the delivery, there will be a signature, name, or other information listed of the person who received the package. Some packages will simply list left at the location or delivered to the door/front desk. The tracking information will remain accessible for both the vendor and the customer for at least 30 days. This enables both ends to use the information in the event of a missed delivery or stolen package.

How Does Blockchain Technology Aid Shipping?

When it comes to shipping and tracking packages, blockchain technology helps vendors and manufacturers alike to avoid delays and loads of paperwork. In fact, this open platform is digital which allows fluid freight movement, easy tracking, and fewer wasted resources. Back end updates are in real-time for vendors and consumers are able to track their packages from their last know or current locations. This helps both sides to stay up to date and reduce complaints and missed deliveries.

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