TV Shipping

DISCLAIMER: If you REALLY want to do it, TV shipping is possible. Possible, if not always wise. And if you’re going to ship a television then you need to follow these instructions to give your shipment the best chance at … Read More

Guaranteed vs Expedited Shipping

Every day shipments are booked for pickup with LTL carriers, and on occasion those carriers get overloaded and miss the pickup. A serious problem arises when that freight was time critical, such as a manufacturer waiting on freight from their vendors … Read More

FTL or LTL – What Is The Difference?

Businesses all across the country need to get their goods shipped from one side of town, other side of the state or to a whole other state. While there are many options of how to ship, it is all dependent … Read More

Be Wary of Hidden Costs in 3PL Warehouse Charges

As you begin your search to find a partner to handle your warehouse and transportation needs, be wary of some 3PL provider’s hidden costs. When evaluating your needs, and who you want to partner with, make sure you are asking … Read More

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