Intermodal Drayage

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Every year, nearly 25 million containers and trailers are moved using intermodal drayage transportation. Electronics, mail, food, paper products, clothes appliances, textiles and auto parts all take a ride on the country’s intermodal network. In fact, Intermodal is growing faster … Read More

Horrible Truck Driver

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We could have used a few other adjectives to describe this character; most inconsiderate or selfish. Dangerous would have worked too. All those descriptions would work in this case, along with a whole lot more that we can't use in polite … Read More

Is Your Freight Broker Licensed?

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Freight Broker Licensed Wouldn’t it be great if trusted all of the parties involved in freight without a shadow of a doubt? Sometimes this is indeed possible – when you’ve worked with the same partners for years and you’ve managed … Read More

Why Do Truck Drivers Do This?

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Truck Drivers This post is mainly for all of you out there who have never driven a truck before. These are concerns we hear all the time from people on the roads regarding truck drivers.

How Amazon Changed Shipping

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How Amazon Changed Shipping Regardless of how you feel about, there is one thing you can’t deny: The company has forever changed the landscape of shipping customer goods. Prior to Amazon’s 2-day shipping option, truckers and shippers only had … Read More

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